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It’s all about Blots Studio!

Blots Studio is a new and fast-growing, innovative company based in Surrey, BC, specializing in a full range of digital, offset, small and large format printing with high-end finishing at wholesale pricing. We are committed to providing creativity for print media, brand design and multimedia services on website design. It is an affordable alternative with the same high-quality results found in competing establishments. Blots is run by passionate, highly talented and experienced team who have extensive technical and creative skills. We can beat any pricing!

Alongside the ability to generate novel designs and ideas, we are committed to offering the best-finished product with the expertise while adhering to the vision of its clients. We provide expert consultation for our clients to help customize their designing and printing projects around their budget, needs and turnaround time.

In a simple, fast and affordable manner, our dedicated team is on board to help you with your projects, no matter how big or small. We strongly believe in serving our clients with the highest standards of service and always strive for client satisfaction. We bring your vision to live through high-end graphics and high-quality printing.

Blots is easy to use from your own office desk where you can send your digital files in any format and we will get everything done for you from design to delivery.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.


We love to think out of the box as it is passion that drives us. We are brave enough to explore the road less taken and create magic.


We are young and experienced. We are always open to change for the better.


We always believe ourselves and find a solution for every problem. Thanks to our team’s perseverance.


We understand an entrepreneur as we are one, so we think and act like one. We see the opportunity in every problem.

Our Mission and Vision

Blots Studio is committed to ensuring the advanced standards of  In house printing, Design & Branding and Web designing in the realm of technology contributors. We do work with essential render safe working conditions & treat employees without bias and offering utmost & best in quality that surpass customers’ expectations.

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